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Psychology of Colour made simple

Are you using the wrong colors for your home or office?  

Let us explore your options that are not so black and white.  We will understand from this short read the colors and how they could affect your mood.  Let us help you choose wisely (and cheerfully!).

Before you start taking in information that is written below, choose a color that you feel is going to be perfect for in your favourite room.  Imagine yourself sitting comfortably and observe your breathing and heart’s pace.  After a few seconds of visualising, let us crack what colors do to you.

  • Warm colors such as red, yellow and orange increase your heart rate, elevates your blood pressure and causes heavy respiration.
  • Cool colours, on the other hand, reduce heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and slows down respiration.  Imagine blue, green and lavender.

On a cognitive sense, a colour’s saturation could affect a person in two ways.  

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Why should you pay attention to colors?

Hand picking your favourite paint must be exciting.  May it be blue, red, green or any shade of grey, you may keep it next to your heart.  Why is your favourite colour your favorite colour?  It may be a color that never changed over time. You may have changed your preference overtime, too.  We want to help you see how the brain responds to colours and how it affects reception.

Colours physically affect your body, moods and emotions.  Our hormones are responsible for these.  When seeing colors, the light hits a region of the brain called hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus affects the pituitary gland which controls your endocrine system.  In your body, the endocrine system controls your thyroid and sex glands — control hormone level.

Read more about your favorite shade


It evokes strong emotions. It is a warm color that represents passion and intensity.  It symbolises youthfulness.  It stimulates and it definitely attracts attention!

This warm color encourages appetite. Noticed the stand out colour of your favourite fast food?  McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s and Popeye’s.  

Tip: Use red on black background for a stand out effect.  Red on white background makes it look duller.


It is the most productive colour.  Most corporate businesses feel that this is a safe color because it is productive and is not invasive.  It also gives a feeling of peace and serenity.  Blue curbs appetite.  A blue plate may cause you to eat less.    So choose your table cloth and plate colors wisely.  

Did you know?  Blue street lighting in Glascow resulted in lower crime rates in 2000.


It represents healthy, money and nature.  It symbolises tranquility. It was said that workers in green environments have fewer stomach conditions.  

Did you know that green can increase your reading speed and memory?  Reading something on green paper may improve comprehension of it.


Is the most visible color.  It is the first color that the eye processes.  It is cheerful and warm.  It helps brighten a room and it could exude energy.  However, it is most likely to strain eyes and cause eye fatigue.  

This color could make babies cry.   Do not paint a baby’s room yellow, because they are prone to crying.  If you wish to use this colour, avoid the excessive bright to avoid irritating the eye.

Did you know that yellow is avoided by airlines because they cause nausea?


Is the color of royalty and success.  It is a calming color.  It is said that it calms nerves because facilitates relaxation.  It is often used to symbolise wealth, success and wisdom.  Purple is an exotic color found in nature.  This colour suggests authority.  

Did you know that kings wore purple robes?


It is the colour of the earth.  It shows strength.  It is the colour of reliability because of the ground.  It shows practicality, too.

Branding info: it is unpopular in finance, technology and airlines.


is a calming colour.  It is taken as the colour for girls/women.  However, today pink is considered as a colour of empowerment even for men.  It is a colour of love and romance.  

Did you know? Back in 1700s, both men and women wore pink.


It brings excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. It also signals caution and it is used to draw attention.  Orange is a good color for signages.  It is also the color that assists in organising thoughts.  

Tip:  The complementary color scheme of orange and blue is always beautiful.  Try the exceptional trial color scheme:  orange, green, purple. Let us know is you like it. 


It is the colour of purity, innocence, emptiness and space.  It is a great colour if you want to create illusion of space.  


Is the absence of light. Thus, it symbolises evil, death or mourning.  Ancient Egyptians believe that is the color of death and rebirth.  Black is a slimming colour.  Depends on how you use it in designs, it can be used to show break, pattern and occupied space.






Who doesn’t love the combination of black and white?  This duo is like the salt and pepper (the yin and yang, the open and close, or the north and south) of a spectrum. The contrast of these colours bring sophistication and sharpness.  It could mean more things!  Take a look at one of our displays.  This black &  white spread is perfect for the busy and successful you.  

Check here how colours could affect the quality of your sleep.  If you are still sporting your purple, grey or brown sheets, lose them.  See the number of hours of sleep and the colours that are in your room.  



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