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  • Pillowtalk: How to take care of your throw pillows

    Should I wash my throw pillow? To directly answer that, yes, you can wash your throws.  But you have to read this first before soaking your throw pillows in water. Ross Mathews, an American TV personality then popular intern to Jay Leno, considers throw pillows as one his top 3 luxuries.  See how much throw pillow he has!   You

  • Q: How to stay inspired?

    I am not a designer, where should I get inspiration? The opportunity to design is not limited to a few individuals who earned their titles.  Designing is for everyone!  Imagine how more colourful the world would be with more individuals giving birth to new designs and bigger than life concepts.  Welcome to the our Q&A section!  Ask me questions and I’d

  • MINTIQE’s CEO has a favourite place in Asia

    “Not all those who wander are lost.”  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings MINTIQE’S beloved owner and CEO Sacha shares a few of her favorite things…well, places.  She maintains a well-balanced life and she rewards herself with world’s beauty.  Like most of us, she loves to travel.  It is a way of life and a way of work.  She draws

  • The Slanted Ideas – A few clever use for your attic

    Do you have an unutilised space on the tippy top of your home?  What more economical way of adding an extra room to your home without the expensive building renovation than an attic transformation?    Let us take a quick trip upstairs and see what we can do to your home’s roof cavity.  Attics used to be disused spaces because

  • Psychology of Colour made simple

    Are you using the wrong colors for your home or office?   Let us explore your options that are not so black and white.  We will understand from this short read the colors and how they could affect your mood.  Let us help you choose wisely (and cheerfully!). Before you start taking in information that is written below, choose a

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