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The Slanted Ideas – A few clever use for your attic


Do you have an unutilised space on the tippy top of your home?  What more economical way of adding an extra room to your home without the expensive building renovation than an attic transformation?   

Let us take a quick trip upstairs and see what we can do to your home’s roof cavity.  Attics used to be disused spaces because of accessibility and shape.  Attics follow the shape of the roof and tends to be an uninteresting areas to use.  Attics used to be notoriously difficult to dress  Thank goodness for interior designers who found the right use of attics.  No more awkward shapes room, you can make your attic the most visited part of your house.  

Use your underutilised attics for fabulous spaces such as:

  • a spare bedroom – set it up a guest room or your spare bedroom.  Bring up a bed and throw comfy blankets and pillows.
  • a recreational or play room – this could be your playground.  Play pool, mount an indoor swing, set up a small tent, make it your LEGO floor…the options are limitless.
  • a fabulous (and well-lit) bath
  • a study or office – make this your office.  Y’know your own work space from the noise downstairs
  • a walk-in closet – if one closet is not enough, move your clothes and shoes upstairs.
  • a theater or media room – your new home cinema.  Design it with heavy colored drapes to give your that movie house feel.  Surround sound system, anyone?
  • a library – enjoy the splash of light through your skylight.  Build your shelves against the walls.  Make these the haven of your book collection.
  • a gym – be fit by putting your gym equipment in your attic.  Make sure that you have a good enough track list that goes perfectly during your workout.
  • a sitting room – do you just need to sit and lounge as you relax from a tiring day?  Pick up your glass of wine or hot cocoa and enjoy the peace and quiet in your attic.

What should you consider before transforming your attic to a new room:

  1. The access to the attic.  The landing of the attic which is the end or last step of the ladder/stairs.  An average person should be able to stand and orient himself on this spot.  This is what we call a full headroom.  This is important especially when carrying things.
  2. Use human dimensions when designing your attic as a guide.  Measure the space with an average height person can do several activities without bumping into walls.  For instance, measure with your arms reach the distance from wall to your office chair.
  3. Understand that space and light are critical aspects in an attic.  Choose the right paint.  Remember that light can either be absorbed or reflected.  White and light colors reflect light. They help natural light move through walls.  Here is a secret, hardwood floors and light carpets also help bounce light.  Make use of mirrors to reflect light and to create an illusion of extra space. Just make sure you don’t bump into them.
  4. Before moving extra load to the attic, check the floor structure. Make sure that it is stiff enough to carry a new load of weight.  It should be stiff and safe enough for your new occupant or visitors. Install sturdier floor because this will be the foundation of your area.
  5. On insulation, click here to read more.

More attic guides for you:

  • Use the dead zones.  Create your built-in shelves or storages
  • Position or place headboard, furniture, sofa or desk on the low parts of the ceiling.  By doing this, you are also blocking people from entering zones that do not have enough head clearance.
  • Invest in good lighting.  When the natural source of light is weak, you will need to resort to electricity.
  • Choose smaller cabinet when you can.

We’ve collected attic ideas from across the web.  Follow us on Pinterest to find more inspiration.  Go to

The theme of your attic all lies in your interest and likes.  Be free to design it.  Be carefree.  Your attic can be a top of the castle, an Apache inspired room, a space capsule, a mountain slope or anuthing you dream of! Have fun with your ‘bonus room’ transformation!

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